Well Met Friend


Well met friends;

This blog is my little corner of the internet and a bit of a catch-all for my writer’s brain. To your left you will see pages for Poetry, Short Stories and Long Fiction. If you click onto them you will be taken to a page of links that hold the actual stories they describe.
For the most part my blog will be about the writer’s process, or at least mine but I will also post information about Wicca. I do not claim to be adept but I do want to share the information that I find in a way that is beneficial to all who would seek the it.

That being said, this is an open forum. If you have an opinion or a question, I am open to them but I would ask that whatever you ask or say be respectful. Not only to myself but to others who post their thoughts/questions and to yourself. Online there is no tone so what you may mean as a joke can come across as vindictive or inflammatory. I will message you privately the first time something like that happens, you only get one, after that I will report you because I will not allow anyone to sow discord or hostility on my page.

Merry Part



Ten of Wands

Shouldering responsibility. In light of the past two weeks, the tragedies suffered at home and abroad, we need to look at our communities and help carry them. It is a sad truth that bad things happen, people make choices based on the truths that they experience. When we experience tragedy we look to the community around us to bolster and guide us. When our community isn’t healthy, neither are we as individuals. 

It is time to carry our community together. TO share the weight of it instead of trying to pass it on to another. Even if you feel that  you cannot do much do what can. Volunteer, arrange a neighborhood block party, inspire and support those around you.

Remember we all were born from a divine spark and when we stand, work and love together that spark becomes the flame of hope. That flame is what shall light the way to paradise and heal the wounds of our souls.

Before we can fix the whole world though, we need to fix our homes. Its a difficult decision to make, when we know so many are hurting worse. But in order to help, truly help we must put our house in order. For you see if our home is in chaos we carry chaos with us into the world, but if our home is in order and at peace, we carry order and peace with us.



So much thinking and wondering. I’ve been doing so much more reading and have stopped writing. I even cleaned out all of my old writing, every poem and short story I ever wrote. I wanted to start again from a clean place after giving myself a year to just not worry about it. I still feel the urge, like this tiny voice in the back of my head.

I will be working with a lovely friend of mine soon, within the next month possibly so I have been doing quite a bit of research for the blog. Hopefully the information we provide will be viewed favorably.



Exciting news

So I have been gone a long, long time…

I have done a bit of blogging here and there on another site. Deviant Witchery. They are an awesome group of people and I would have loved to continue working with them but work constraints made that impossible for me to manage.

Speaking of work, I now have a job at  General Motors and have been there almost a year. I really enjoy it, its hard work for the body but tat makes me happy.

Also in the exciting news category, I will be working along a friend to create a learning resource for pagans of all ages and walks of life. I will post the launch date and more information as I can but if you are curious I will post the link soon! Come and check us out and give feedback. We will be your coffee table blog of all things magical. ^_^


Any who, glad to be back and I promise to be more present from now on!

More than an instinct.

So….absentee blogger again. I have been watching the news and my Facebook has been blowing up with so much static I feel like it’s become an old Television set. The most irritating thing is how some people have been feeling like I am blaming them, or more specifically their race. Mind you this is the same person who has called me out as a trans-phobic or a trans-hater. Neither of which are true. I try to treat everyone the same. So in that spirit I say, if you call yourself a man, you have all the responsibilities, privileges and consequences. If you call yourself a woman, the same deal.

As for the race card that got pulled…I am an equal opportunity pain in the ass. I made the point that hatred is incited goes beyond race and into those parts of the community that is easily swayed by charismatic and loud advocates for ignorance and violence. Nowhere in my comment did I state race. Still it is amusing to see how quickly some jump to the race card or the sexual identity card. All things that come with history, with consequences and privileges, some greater than others. I do believe that are injustices committed against people every day. I do believe that those injustices should be rectified. But on that same tick, using those incidents to get your way, or to put yourself on a pedestal is irritating. Not to mention when people have genuine cases, it becomes harder for people to believe them or to even want to listen.

Then there is all of this stuff where people are advocating violence against cops. You know what, yes some cops are bad. But the one bad apple spoils the bunch theory is a crock.  By advocating violence against people who haven’t done anything to you, you are just as bad as those bad apples. Those cops involved in bad shootings (unarmed/innocent GSV) should be punished, but not by vigilantes. We have laws, and while the system doesn’t always work it is there so that we do not sink to the levels of beasts. Although I do wish horrible things on criminals who harm children (Chomos ETC) I would never go after them myself. I get that there is nothing like the pain of losing a child, and yes cops do defend their own. But we all do. Our family and friends…when someone talks bad or accuses them of something we defend them till we are handed absolute proof that they really did the thing they are accused of.

Either way anything swings we must always remember, we are more than our baser instincts. More than the primal urges for revenge.

A long time away

Hello All;

I have been away for more than a small bit but I am happy to say I am still breathing, otherwise I am a very intelligent zombie typing this.

So much has changed, I have gotten a job, gotten promoted, then laid off from that job. I am currently a stay at home mom, I am in school. Right now I am in the middle of campnanowrimo and about 1500 words behind. Nothing to bad, easily caught up once I set to it.

I did see a bit of good news when I logged in today, 153 page views recently. It doesn’t sound like much, but since I get like…five usually this is AWESOME!!!

I am a little low on blog ideas…so tell me lovelies, what topics would you like to see discussed?

Leave your ideas in the comments!


Are words from a female less valuable than those from a male? And is this what we should be teaching our kids?

Jennifer Austin - Author

Shannon Hale, author of Princess Academy, Ever After, Austenland & more Shannon Hale, author of Princess Academy, Ever After, Austenland & more

Some of you may have heard the uproar of Shannon Hale’s author visit to an unnamed small school. Hale is author of many novels, including the Princess Academy novels, Ever After novels and Austenland, to name a few. If you haven’t heard about it, you can check out her Tumblr post which explains it all. A brief explanation would be she went to the school for an author visit and was only allowed to speak to the girls. But please don’t just take my word for it. Hale has some profound and meaningful things to say about this issue and I think it is well worth your time to read it.

Some of you may be saying, “What’s the big deal? She writes books for girls. Why would boys want to hear about princesses anyway?” Which means you…

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